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My name is Zach and welcome to Select Premium Firewood. SPF is a quality firewood delivery service and offers a variety of firewood products and quantities for your wood burning needs. SPF serves the Twin Cities metro area in Minnesota.

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We offer professional stacking for our customers if needed. Please coordinate stacking ahead of time (time of order) so SPF can make the proper choice for accommodations to fit your stacking needs. Depending on each situation, SPF will use different transportation methods to accommodate the stacking needs of the customer. Stacking is an additional charge that SPF and the owner will agree upon.

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Products and Prices

  • All splits are cut to 16 inches plus or minus a half inch.
  • $480 -- Full Cord Oak 4 ft high x 8 ft long x 4 ft wide (3 rows) 128 cu ft
  • $275 -- Half Cord Oak 4 ft high x 12 ft long (1 row) 64 cu ft
  • $200 -- 1/3 cord Oak (face cord) 4 ft high x 8 ft long (1 row) 42.6 cu ft
  • Delivery is included in cost.
  • Try our Kindling for starting your fires.
  • $6 -- 1 bag of kindling .75 cu ft of kindling material
  • Prices updated August 2022. Call for latest price.
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